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Our Methods

PARS Research focuses on creating customized social and market research solutions to address clients’ specific questions. It does not provide pre-packaged information. The company mainly carries out primary research, but can also gather secondary information when needed. The data collection methods utilized by PARS include:

Desk Research

This data collection method assumes at the outset that information already exists in a readily available form.

Quantitative Research

Data can be collected in a number of ways including: Face To Face/ Questionnaire, Telephone / Skype interviews, Online questionnaires, Self-Completion and Mobile phone Data collection.

Qualitative Research

The data is collected in the following ways: Focus Group Discussions, Mini-groups, In-depth Interviews and Observations.

Our Research Standards

We continuously oversee the research process to guarantee adherence to quality standards.
Our regular quality assessments include ensuring the following quality checks:

of all questionnaires are checked for logic and completeness.
59 %
of all fieldwork at PARs Research are accompanied by a supervisor
15 %
A double-entry data capture system that assures 100% accuracy in data entry
59 %
of fieldwork reports are back-checked and reviewed by a supervisor
23 %

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