About us


To provide clients with actionable and strategic information to aid informed and timely decision making

We therefore approach every aspect of our work with the highest sense of commitment, honesty and integrity.


To be a market leader in the provision of quality research information in Africa



Research information remains the property of the client and is not to be divulged to 3rd party without prior written consent

Quality Controls

We deploy stringent controls to ensure the data collected is a true & fair representation of the target group’s opinions


We are reliable and trustworthy and deliver what we promise


We are committed to building a partnership with our clients creating mutually productive long-term relationships


We actively consider the needs and culture of the clients and fit our methods accordingly


We are happy to readily share our research knowledge and experience

We are passionate about research and therefore provide more than just figures. We strive to provide actionable insights

We are passionate about our profession and about the support that the right information can provide in decision making

Customer Care

We listen carefully to the clients problems and develop custom made solutions that are actionable


We strive to continuously develop the knowledge of our business and the expertise of everyone in it


We recognize the importance of the information we deliver and ensure that it is accurate and relevant



PARS is a private research consultancy company

Local Accreditation

They are also members of the local Marketing and Social Research Association (MSRA).

International Accreditation

The senior staff are members of the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) and are bound by the worldwide code for research practitioners.

What we do

We offer market and social research services.

Our Approach

The company adopts a collaborative and participatory approach to research issues, working in partnership with client organizations to help them make informed and timely decisions.


PARS has a robust capability to conduct research across Africa


We have a presence throughout Africa; EASTERN, WESTERN, SOUTHERN, NORTHERN and CENTRAL AFRICA.


PARS Research specialises in full research consultancy services including;

This involves coming up with a methodology best fit to address the objectives of the survey. The process also involves developing a sampling plan, development of data collection tools that address the research questions, and also developing a survey implementation plan.

This is the actual gathering of information, depending on the variables being studied. The data collected is either primary or secondary data. Secondary data is information that already exists from different sources e.g. publications, reports etc. and therefore the information is gathered through desk research/literature review. Primary data is information that is sought one on one from the respondents, e.g. in face to face interviews, focus group discussions etc.

This involves processing of the information/data collected, and it involves data cleaning, verification and development of models that guide in coming up with useful insights from the data.  The process is aided by different analysis software’s, including SPSS, STATA, QPSMR and R-Software among others. Analysing data helps a researcher in coming up with conclusions from the data, based on the research questions.

This is the actual presentation of information obtained from a survey, in a form that consumers of the research understand. It is guided by the research questions, and the information is presented in form of charts, tables, and narratives.

We also offer any part of research services for those companies that do not need the whole research process.

We endeavor to interpret findings and add value through observations and suggestions.

PARS is committed to working with our clients to improve their ability to make informed timely decisions.


We continuously invest in our quality control teams

We  monitor the research process continually to ensure the quality standards are adhered to.  Our standard quality checks are:

100% of questionnaires are checked for logic and completeness

20% of fieldwork accompanied by a supervisor

20% of fieldwork back checked by a supervisor

A double-entry data capture system that assures 100% accuracy in data entry

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