Market Research

Market Exploration Study

This type of survey explores potential gaps and opportunities in a marketplace. Qualitative research method is mainly used in market exploration.

Employee Satisfaction & engagement Survey

Staffs are the backbone of any organisation and are regarded as internal customers. Maintaining a qualified, satisfied and motivated work-force is crucial to the survival of the organisation. Staff attitudes can establish how employees feel about work and related issues and help track changes.

Image & Brand Equity

These qualitative explorations look at how a product, service or an organisation is perceived by users and the public at large.

Market Definition Study

This type of study seeks to measure opportunities and gaps in a marketplace. Therefore quantitative research is used and the result is measurable data.


As the name suggests, this quantitative study looks at the habits of consumers, measuring usage and attitudes towards particular products or services. Such studies are the mainstay of many fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturing companies’ research efforts.

Advertising Tests

This type of study evaluates reactions to advertising campaigns. These may be print, press or electronic and tests can be conducted both pre and post production stages.

Customer Satisfaction & Perception Survey

In an increasingly competitive world, customer satisfaction is key to building customer loyalty and sales growth. This type of study establishes satisfaction levels and tracks changes over time.

Pack/Product Tests

Data for such tests can be collected either qualitatively or quantitatively depending on the stage of development of the product or package. Such tests can evaluate the acceptability of products or packaging providing valuable information to help fine-tune the final offering. They can also help select between different prototypes.